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Fair City actress reveals cast need second jobs due to short filming schedule


A former Fair City star has admitted that some of the show’s cast are forced to get a second job, due to their filming schedule.

While it was recently revealed that Fair City stars take in €459 per day of filming – it doesn’t come as often as you think.

Caroline Grace Cassidy, who previously starred as Aoife Coleman on the soap for three years, has said that the cast only work up to 20-25 weeks every year.

“The thing about the Fair City actors is that they work so little.

“If you take most of the leads on Fair City, they’re probably only in work for four months out of the whole year,” she told the Herald.

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History: Caroline worked on Fair City for three years | VIPIRELAND.COM

“People are always very surprised, but 20-25 weeks is the longest contract that they get. They film it in such a way that they’re in for those weeks.

“For the smaller ones, you’d really need a second job. You would,” she admitted.

The actress turned author also revealed her love for Fair City’s rival show Red Rock on TV3.

“I watch it and I love it. I make sure I tune in. 100pc it’s giving Fair City a run for it’s money,” she said.

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Truth: Caroline revealed Fair City stars don’t work as much as we thought | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The production, the pricing, everything. You turn it on and it could be a BBC show.

“You can see the difference. It’s going to get bigger and bigger.”

Meanwhile, since leaving the streets of Carrigstown, Caroline has written a number of best-selling novels, including her latest book, The Week I Ruined My Life.