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A Breaking Bad film could finally be in the making

Fans have been waiting five years for this

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Breaking Bad could finally be in the making.

It’s been five years since the popular series left our screens, but it finally looks like another instalment of the sitcom could be released.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, is working on a two-hour project relating to the series.

High Bridge Productions

It is unclear whether the project is set to take place on-screen, or possibly on-stage, as fans are also wondering whether it will be a sequel or prequel.

According to sources, Vince is set to write, produce and possibly direct the project; while Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, who produced Better Call Saulhave also been tied to the production.

Better Call Saul was released in 2015 and served as a prequel to Breaking Bad, as it follows the story of Walter White’s attorney, Saul Goodman.