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Hair Tips For Festival Season with Dyson Supersonic

Keep your locks looking fresh at EP this year!


With the biggest festival in the calendar coming up at next weekend, we’re already planning what to do with our gruaig.

While everyone turns up to the likes of Electric Picnic for the music, festival-goers also love to check out the style – and no outfit is complete without a kickass hair ‘do.

From space buns to glitter roots, your hair is put through a lot during festival season – so we’ve got some tips to help you keep your hair as healthy as ever.

Prep Your Locks 

To avoid your hair getting totally frazzled at EP this year, make sure you prep accordingly.

Your hair will definitely need some love before all that glitter and hairspray, so make sure you lather it with a good hair mask the night before you go.

The Alfaparf SDL Reconstruction Mask is super nourishing, and a little goes a long way. You can pick it up here for €16.95.

If you’re on a budget, popping some coconut oil in your hair for 20 minutes works wonders – and you can pick that up in your local supermarket.

Use A Good Hairdryer

If you can, make sure to wash your hair at the last possible moment, and give yourself a really good blowdry.

Of course, achieving a good blowdry is all down to the quality of the hairdryer – and the Dyson Supersonic is the best on the market.

The Dyson Supersonic’s technology allows for faster, more precise drying, and by measuring the air temperature 20 times every second – it controls heat distribution to prevent excessive heat and protect your hair.

The Dyson Supersonic’s hair dryer is ideal for all hair types too, as it comes with a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and a diffuser.

For those opting for glamping, you’ll likely have access to plugs – which means you can bring your Dyson Supersonic with you, thanks to it’s super compact design.

For those who won’t have that luxury, make sure to use a good leave-in conditioner before drying your hair, so it will leave your locks looking fresh for the entire weekend.

Want to know how to use your Dyson Supersonic like a pro? Well, the Dyson Hair YouTube channel has tonnes of simple tutorials – so you can rock up to EP looking your very best this year.

You can also learn all the essential styling tips by popping into the St. Stephen’s Green Dyson store or Arnotts for a free styling session before Electric Picnic. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer retails at €399. Read more about it here.

Second Day Space Buns

For your first day at a festival, we’d avoid any crazy hair styles to keep your hair looking fresh for the rest of the weekend.

But on the second day, have some fun by rocking some space buns – just like Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson.

Contrary to what many believe, space buns are super easy to achieve, just check out this simple tutorial below:

If you’re not camping or you have access to a plug, get your Dyson Supersonic back out and make sure to blow dry those locks straight to make them nice and slick.

To keep your hair in check for the next day, we suggest using a good dry texturising spray too.

We love the Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray, which retails at €20.94 here.

Go Wild For Day Three

Your third day at a festival is when you should get really creative with your hair.

You’ll likely be heading home the next day, so we recommend going for some fun festival braids, and go all out by adding some glitter to your roots, and coloured hair spray to the end of your hair.

However, to avoid having glitter stuck in your hair for week – you need to apply it correctly. Prep by dusting your root area with dry shampoo, this will stop glitter getting stuck to your scalp.

After parting and styling your hair as planned, mist the first three to six inches of your part with hairspray.

Then using a flat brush, mix your chosen glitter with a small dab of gel, and pat it on to hair line.

Once you’ve got enough glitter on your roots and the gel has dried, set it in place with some hairspray.

To complete the look, add some fun colours to your hair using the L’oreal Paris Colorista Sprays.

These temporary sprays are absolutely perfect for festivals, and they come in loads of fun shades.

The best thing is they only last for one day, so it will easily wash off in the shower.

As for removing the glitter, simply pull the inch around the part apart from the rest of your hair and saturate in conditioner.

Comb through with a fine comb, and rinse. Then just wash your hair like normal – and you’ll be glitter-free!