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WATCH: Erin McGregor’s sweet words about dad Tony McGregor

She had beautiful things to say about the king of the McGregor clan ahead of Father's Day


Erin McGregor has shared some sweet words about her Tony McGregor ahead of Father’s Day tomorrow (you’re welcome for the reminder!).

She sat down to recount some of her fondest memories of her dad and it sounds like he has a beautiful relationship with his eldest child.

The Dancing With The Stars contestant begins by explaining how cool her dad is (Conor had to get it from somewhere) explaining how he wasn’t phased when he was hanging out with Kanye West. Erin said he nonchalantly remarked, “Yeah he’s nice,” when asked about his encounter with the superstar.

Margaret McGregor and Tony McGregor Picture: Brian McEvoy

“So supportive, and he’s kind and he’s loving,” she reveals as she described him.

“My relationhip with my dad is fun. We have lots of banter. We’re always slagging each other! But, he’s the one man that no matter what happens, I can always go back to him and he has my back, always.”

Erin fondly remembers Tony’s face when he saw one of his grandchildren for the first time saying, “It’s just pure love and it’s so nice to see that from a grown man!”

Watch the full video here.