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Vogue Williams will be fighting with gay sister to get same-sex marriage legal


Vogue Williams has revealed her gay sister plans to get married if same-sex marriage is legalised.

The Cocoa Brown ambassador was the first person in the family that Amber came out to – and will be fighting with her sister before the referendum.

“Amber is gay. She has a girlfriend who is scientist and she is stunning and the two of them are very happy,” she said.

“I’d say they will get married when everyone can here. It could even be passed next year. We are hoping everyone in Ireland will be able to get married and we will fight for it.”

Vogue Williams supports her sister Amber at a Gay Rights March

Sister love: Vogue and Amber | VIPIRELAND.COM

But ex-Fade Street star Vogue admits that Amber found it tough coming out – and never told dad Freddy, who died during an operation for a stomach aneurysm three years ago.

“She was terrified of telling my mum and stepdad. And she never got to tell my dad. It took her three times [to tell mum] and, eventually, I just said, ‘Amber, tell her’,” she told Life magazine.

“And my mum was like, ‘Tell me what?’. And so she did… I don’t think my mum had any idea at all because Amber did have boyfriends too.

Vogue Williams Cocoa Brown Tan 2 HR

Tanned: Vogue in new photoshoot | COCOA BROWN

“Obviously she was trying to deny it to herself for years because she wasn’t too sure.”

But Vogue thinks that it is even tougher if you are a gay man – with huge amounts of abuse thrown at them.

“I think unfortunately the abuse is more aimed at gay men. I mean, you wouldn’t see people abusing lesbians on the street.

“Obviously some words are used that she doesn’t like but overall, she’s had a good life of it.”