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Vogue Williams SLAMS trolls for body shaming her


Vogue Williams has slammed some viscous trolls for making comments about her weight.

The Dublin beauty sustained a nasty knee injury while training for Channel 4’s The Jump earlier this year, and has been on crutches ever since.

However, some people seem to have no sympathy as they’ve started making cruel jibes about Vogue’s weight, despite the fact that she hasn’t been able to walk in two months.

Taking to Twitter, Vogue vented her frustration by writing, “Getting comments about my weight again.”

“Yes I’ve put on 3.5kg not bad considering I haven’t been able to walk in 2 months…now go away,” she added.

Naturally, many people were outraged that Vogue had received such awful comments in the first place.

“Wow Vogue, that’s insane! You look amazing regardless of what they say! #hatersgonnahate,” one person replied, while another wrote, “Why are people so vile?”

Despite the nasty comments, Vogue isn’t letting it bring her down as she’s been spotted looking happier than ever in Dublin with her new love interest Spencer Matthews.