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Una Healy opens up about break up from Ben Foden: ‘He was with someone behind my back’

The singer revealed "it's been hard, very hard"


Una Healy has opened up about her split from husband Ben Foden.

The Tipperary star appeared on RTE’s Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy, where she performed her new song Strangers.

The new single talks about becoming “strangers” again with the man you fell in love with.

Una performed on the Late Late

Opening up about her very public split from Ben, who cheated on the singer, Una said things have been so hard.

“I’m not here to dish the dirt and to say anything about our ex Ben, but the song is clearly about him and the fact he’s like a stranger now,” she revealed.

“It’s been hard, very hard,” she admitted.

“It all ended last July, and it’s just kind of rebuilding my life with my beautiful children.”

Una opened up about her split from Ben Foden

Una added that she would never “regret meeting” the rugby player, because of their two children Aoife Belle and Tadgh.

Opening up about the actual split, Una said when Ben was moving to New York she headed stateside to “assess the battleground”.

She admitted she didn’t like the thoughts of moving her kids to NYC, but it wasn’t until she returned to London that she found out Ben had been with another person.

“It wasn’t until I came back that I realised what was going on behind my back,” she told Ryan.

Una has moved on with Limerick hurler DAvid Breen | Instagram

The mum-of-two added that things are looking up: “I’m in a much better place now than I have in a long time.

“It was going to come to end at some point anyway,” she admitted.

“But it’s going to speed up the process when you find out someone has been with someone else behind your back,” she added.

At the end of the interview Una gave advice to any other people going through a stressful split.

“If you’re going through hell, just keep going. You feel like you’re burning alive, but you can get through it,” she added.

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