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UFC flies Make-A-Wish recipients out to Vegas to watch Conor McGregor fight

It's their final wish to see the Dublin man in action


The UFC have flown out four Make-A-Wish recipients to watch Conor McGregor fight tonight.

The four people whose wish was to see Cono fight live in Las Vegas, have been jetted out to make their dreams come true.

One is from Ireland, another from Scotland and the remaining two are from the United States.


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They also attended Friday’s weigh-ins are were brought backstage in the T-Mobile Arena afterwards to meet the main man himself.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation arranges for children suffering from critical illness to fulfil their lifelong dreams before it’s too late.

Three years ago another Make-A-Wish recipient got in touch with Conor ahead of his fight with Chad Mendes.

“What happened was I got a phone call from a person in the UFC who said someone from the Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted a kid from Ireland who has cancer or leukemia,” Conor explained at the time.

“They said ‘this is probably going to be his last wish but it’s to talk on the phone to you’. I rang the kid and we talked for a long, long time. I talked to his friends and family.

“Today or last night he passed away. It f***** my head up because this little kid is in Ireland and I’m telling the kid I’m going to take this belt and bring it to you,” he said.

“And I would have done it. I would have flown him out to Vegas. They were thinking maybe if he got a little bit better we could fly him out to Vegas.

“It’s just a really sad situation. It’s heartbreaking. I have lost family members to cancer and it is a horrible, horrible thing.”