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Tony McGregor goes viral again – this time because of son Conor’s car

He fixed up his son's first car


Tony McGregor has gone viral once again, but this time fans are “none too plussed” at his driving skills in son, Conor’s car.

Tony shared a video of Conor’s first car, a 2006 Opel Astra that the MMA star got when he was just 17-years-old.

The father-of-three started by saying the car had been parked in a farm for the last four years, but he got it resprayed and a new engine and decided to test it out on-camera.

Things didn’t go quite as planned, as Tony has become a viral sensation once again due to his use of the clutch and even Conor commented on the video and said: “Now relax on me clutch!
Amadán gears”.

Picture: G. McDonnell / Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

“It’ll need to go back in for a new clutch after that bit of reversing,” one follower joked.

“Easy on the clutch Tony,” another wrote.

Check out the viral video below:


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Conor McGregor’s 1st car,purchased in 2007 at 17 years of age. 2006 Opel Astra gsx.resprayed and fully restored to showroom condition.(window accidentally broken)

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