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Today FM’s newest presenter revealed – and he’s VERY funny

He will add even more laughs to the station


TodayFM’s newest presenter has been revealed and he’s very funny.

Al Porter, who is one of Ireland’s leading comedians and won the Rising Star award at 2016’s TV IFTAs, will take on the lunchtime slot on the radio station from

“We had to keep this a very big secret,” he admitted.

Al Porter 16

Big reveal: Al is the newest presenter to join the TodayFM team | BRIAN MCEVOY

Al only told his family this morning about his new role and said they’re very happy he’s not moving to England.

“This is such a relief to finally talk about this,” he told Dermot and Dave on TodayFM.

“It feels like when you’ve done something wrong at home – you know you’ve smashed the good plate. It’s there on the tip of your tongue and you want to tell everybody.”

Al Porter 12

New role: The comedian admitted that he has always wanted to work on radio | BRIAN MCEVOY

The Dubliner also admitted that while he is working in the UK as well, he has made a plan so that he can host a show on Today FM and work abroad.

“It’s a bit mad but I’m only back from London yesterday. We had these big conversations about BBC 1 and scripted shows that I’m developing for them, I have Soho theatre dates and the works – but that’s all in the evening over and back.

“I’ve always wanted to do radio. I’ve done loads of stuff in the last few years and this is the only thing that has genuinely made me feel sick with nervousness and terrified me.

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Home: Al said that working with Today FM means he he can build a strong relationship with listeners | BRIAN MCEVOY

“This is chance for me to be at home, where I want to be and have a really strong relationship with the listeners that I couldn’t have if i was going over and back all the time.

“I want it to be light and very feel good… There might be a touch of the Gerry Ryan about it.”

Al start on his new show on February 13th.