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Third celebrity eliminated from DWTS

The pair survived until the fifth week of the competition.

Credit: RTE

The fifth week of Dancing With The Stars has seen a third celebrity eliminated.

Maia Dunphy had performed a Tango to Hernandos Hideaway by Werner Muller.

The dance scored her and Robert Rowinski 19 points.

Her husband, Johnny Vegas, had been very supportive throughout her Dancing With The Stars journey coming out to support her in studio several times.

Last week the pair were praised for their “beautiful, sensual and romantic rumba”.

Tonight they were told that this was their best dance so far and Brian said “this is the type of dancing I like…the dancing was good …. i can see the confidence is staring to grown the song may be called Hernandos Hideaway but you certainly didn’t hide away”.

The TV star explained that “this kind of thing doesn’t come naturally” as she spoke of how she felt inhibited with the emotional side of the dances.

Robert had been receiving massive support from the Polish community both here in Ireland and at home with international press regularly coming to the recordings.

In good spirits after the show despite the elimination he joked to the press “it’s ok, no one’s dying!”

When asked what she’s up to next she says humorously “going out drinking.

Maia said she “loved every second of” Dancing With The Stars and on not staying longer in the show she stated “regrets are futile.”