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Teenager left fighting for his life after brutal attack at Drake gig


A teenager was left fighting for his life after being brutally attacked at Drake’s final Dublin gig.

According to the Irish Sun, the rapper’s concert in the 3Arena was like “absolute murder”, as one other concertgoer reportedly overdosed and a number of revellers collapsed and required medical treatment.

One teen from Limerick was rushed to the Mater Hospital in a critical condition after he was kicked unconscious, and had to have an oxygen tube put into his throat by paramedics at the scene. His condition has since improved and he is said to be stable.

A source said, “He’s very lucky he was attended to quickly apparently.”

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Meanwhile, a witness said, “It was a horrific sight. They put a tube in his throat, it was horrible. The whole night was just absolutely chaotic.

“I saw at least six ambulances rushing away with people. They all seemed very young too.”

An insider added, “Three teenage girls had to get security to rescue them after a gang of six girls stalked them around the venue threatening to beat them up.

“Whenever there is a concert that attracts loads of young kids there is absolute murder.”

Another witness revealed that security managed to keep control of the crowd, but the brawling was so bad that at one point Drake had to tell people to stop fighting.

“There were definitely a few youngsters who were the worse for wear. We saw a fair bit of trouble and at least three fights at the gig. One big row broke just before Drake went stage between about or eight young guys,” the witness said.

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“Later on Drake actually stopped mid-song to tell a guy to stop fighting right in front of him. He stopped the music and spoke directly to a guy in a backpack, telling him, ‘There’s no place for violence in here tonight, it’s all love’.

“We saw another really drunk, hit his girlfriend outside the toilets but security grabbed him straight away and marched him out. Then, when we were leaving, the Gardai were outside dealing with another row. In fairness to the security guys, they were very good. It was a young, messy crowd but they had it all under control.”

Last night, a spokesperson for the 3Arena said a Belfast man was arrested over the assault in a statement, “Gardai and security personnel quickly dealt small number of incidents which resulted in a Belfast man being detained for an alleged assault on a Limerick man.”