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Storm Keating admits she contemplated not having children in order to stay with Ronan Keating

The Boyzone singer said he didn't want any more children


Storm Keating has revealed that she contemplated not having children, in order to stay with her husband Ronan Keating.

The Australian producer met her hubby in 2010 when they both worked on the Australian X Factor, and when the pair discussed having children in the early stages of their relationship – Ronan said he did not want any more children, as he already had three with his ex-wife.

During an appearance on Loose Women, Storm confessed, “We’d had the conversation where he said he wasn’t sure if wanted to have any more children and that was really difficult for me because I always pictured having kids of my own and I come from a really large family.”

“I went away and I thought about it and I had to be really honest with myself and I spoke to my mum about it and yeah, there were tears, but I knew in my heart that I could live the rest of my life without kids but I couldn’t live without him.”


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Ronan then explained how he changed his mind, “You might have that idea in your head but then when you’re with somebody that you love and you know that you’d want to share that experience with that person, you kind of say, ‘Never say never’.”

The couple welcomed their first child together in 2017, and admitted that they’d like to have another one.

“When we first had Cooper those first six months, we were like, ‘oh yeah we can totally do this again’…We’re all besotted by Coop so we’d all be happy for another one.”


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