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Spotlight On: Erica Cody

Each week we're putting the spotlight on an inspiring woman in Ireland


For this week’s ‘Spotlight On’ feature we’re focusing on singer, Erica Cody.

Erica released her brand new single, Over & Over, during the week and we, along with everyone in the country, have been playing it on repeat.

The singer has been making waves within the music industry over the past few years and even played gigs at Longitude and Electric Picnic.

It’s clear that Erica is going places, so we caught up with the singer following the release of her latest track.


1. What is the inspiration behind your music?

Love is definitely a key inspiration behind my music because it’s something that I find second nature to write about. 90’s music has influenced me since I was super young so I always try and pay homage in my music!

2. You have taken the music industry by storm at quite a young age, what are your plans for the future?

To do a lot more while I’m still young and just keep growing and staying focused. I find this is an industry that you’re constantly learning and growing and there’s always room for development, so I’m excited to see what this year and the future holds.


3. What advice would you give to any young musician who is trying to make it in the industry?

Stay patient. Focus on your craft, network and collaborate with creatives! Being a creative person and not surrounding yourself with like-minded people can be challenging, so be open to meeting like-minded creatives. Definitely write and keep writing more music!

4. You speak about social issues, racism and feminism amongst other things on your social media accounts, do you think it’s important for someone who has a fanbase or is in the public eye to speak out about topics like that?

I think when you have such impressionable young women and men following you I feel it’s always right to use your platform in a positive light. I don’t think it’s talked about enough and if I feel something isn’t right and needs to be discussed I have no problem in giving my followers a safe place to talk on certain topics I believe in, and making them feel comfortable so they can totally be themselves.


5. Do you feel that there is a certain amount of pressure within the music industry for women to act or look a certain way? And if so, how do you deal with that?

Pressures for tyres. I think what you put out into the universe is what you get back, there’s no need for pressure if you are happy with being 100% true to yourself and what you believe in, without having to masquerade that to fit “industry norms” because that would be exhausting! Music is a reflection on the artist so I think it’s important to let the music speak for itself also.

6. You have played as part of The Story of Hip Hop last year, do you think that Hip Hop and R&B are becoming more popular in Ireland in recent years?

Most definitely. I feel R&B and Hip Hop are the new “pop” in terms of pop culture and radio, as a lot of stations are branching out of the Irish norm and playing new hip hop and R&B tunes, which is great.

It’s nice having the Irish music industry being so supportive of Irish music especially R&B and hip hop now because it’s been around here for so long, just never had the recognition as it does now, especially with the likes of Spotify curating playlists which specifically care to fresh urban Irish music.


7. You also played at Longitude, do you have anymore festival or gigs coming up?

Hopefully a round two is on the cards!?

8. You have been hinting at new music for a while, can you tell us a bit about it?

I’ve been working on this project for over a year now and I’m just excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on. It’s something fresh with a 90’s R&B take which I think people will enjoy!

9. You regularly chat with fans on social media and do Q&A’s, why do you think it’s important to keep that connection with fans?

100%. Especially in this day and age, social media plays such a huge part in a musicians career because it’s a place where all your fans can communicate and appreciate your work, they’re the ones who are listening and wanting to get to know you so I think it’s only fair to get to know them and show the appreciation back!