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Speculation mounts about Westlife reunion – after fans spot Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan in London

It looks like it's really happening!


Fans have been going crazy trying to figure out if Westlife are really getting back together ever since the rumour mill went into overdrive last month.

And now, it looks like they’ve finally got the proof they’ve been looking for, as a fan reportedly spotted bandmates Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan in London on Monday.

Twitter user @tashauk101 tweeted: “A girl I used to work with was refused a pictured today from Kian & Nicky as they weren’t allowed by there team getting a coffee in Starbucks near record label.” [sic]

The fan added, “Also Ed Sheeran was in London today!!!!” – referring to recent reports that Ed has penned their comeback single.

After fellow fans of the band started freaking out, she tweeted again, “Yeah she said one went in then another and my friend went up to them and was stopped before she even got to Nicky or Kian.”

“They had hats and sunglasses on but Nicky smiled she was crying for ages haha!! It’s just got to be true and Ed in same city!!!” [sic]

In another tweet, she said, “Yeah my friend just rang me as she just finished work she works next to record label, she said there was security in between them she said they definitely didn’t want people seeing them together and she said security were trying to blend in.”

The fan’s sighting does make sense, as Nicky was noticeably absent from his RTÉ 2FM radio show earlier this week.


Fuelling speculation even further, another fan claimed that she spotted “half of Westlife” at London’s Heathrow airport.

Twitter user @horsebox1986 tweeted, “Just ran to a plane in Heathrow following half of Westlife. I’m not fit enough for this and back is in bits.”