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Ryan Tubridy: I will never stop talking about 'pervy' sex


Ryan Tubridy has revealed he is obsessed with talking about “pervy” sex topics – and will never change.

The Late Late Show host admitted where he was “obsessed” with drawing penises on friends’ bags and property.

And Tubs – who is in a relationship with Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain – said he will only stop talking about sex until he dies.

Speaking with a parent whose son is obsessed with perverted topics, he is told that boys never grow up.

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And Tubridy admitted: “Nothing changes. When boys are together and men are together we just pretty much talk about the same stuff – which is pervy.

“We can’t get it over. We’ll get over it when the gravedigger is busy with the shovel.”

The 2FM host – who previously told how he was only interested in good sex – also told he was like a “baboon” in school – unlike the “worldly” girls.

He said: “I went to a boys school and jaysus, [we were] obsessed with drawing them, tippexing them on other peoples’ bags, drawing them in markers. It was an obsession.

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“Boys in school were just baboons. The girls were so much more sophisticated and worldy, we were just baboons waiting to fall from the branch and hit the ground.”

Previously Tubs joked he would like women who are good in the bedroom to get a “quality tick on your arse”.

He added: “I think there has to be a certain quality of product and standards kept.”