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Ray Foley told he won't hit weight loss target until 2054 – after losing less than a POUND this year


Overweight radio presenter Ray Foley has revealed he hasn’t even lost a whole pound this year.

And the 98FM host – who wants to slim down from his current 17 stone figure – has been told he won’t reach his weight loss target for 40 years.

The TV3 star opened up on his obesity earlier this year, admitting he was “a bit fat” after he put on a massive four stone in just two years.

Now the 33-year-old has been told by his iPhone weight loss application that he won’t react his 13 stone target until 2054.

He said: “My weight loss results so far this year. Only 40 more years to go! Woo!”

Previously Ray admitted he has become “very conscious” of his figure – as none of his clothes would fit and the scales creaked when he stood on them.

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even revealed that before signing up to present a new gameshow – The Algorithm – for the channel he called bosses and told them: “Just so you know – I’m a bit fat now”.

He added: “Prior to the The Algorithm, you have the notion of you’re going to be on the telly and you need to look presentable and good.

“When we were talking about me doing The Algorithm I did say, ‘Just so you know – I’m a bit fat now.’ But they said, ‘No, it’s cool, it’s fine, don’t worry about it.’

“But for me – I’m only 33, I’ve put on four stone very quickly. So there is a thing of me thinking right, I need to look after myself now so I can look good.”