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Pippa O’Connor teases fans about huge announcement: ‘I’ve given a lot of myself to this’

And it has nothing to do with her POCO brand...


Pippa O’Connor has teased fans about a huge announcement she’s making on Monday.

The model-turned-businesswoman has achieved huge success since launching her own blog – and now she runs her own fashion brand, while holding the title of Ireland’s most popular influencer.

While she’s already achieved so much, Pippa hopes to expand her business and POCO brand even more – and it looks like she’s got some exciting things in the pipeline.

Taking to Instagram this morning, Pippa admitted: “I’m feeling a bit nervy this week. I think it’s just nervous energy and excitement because I’ve a lot in my mind, and my head is full of different things happening. Which is good, it’s exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming.”

Pic Brian McEvoy

“So this morning I’ve been signing off on some POCO items that are going to be released in May – things that we haven’t done before,” she revealed.

“So that it very exciting. Obviously because we haven’t done them before we want to make sure that they are perfect and amazing and it’s taken a long time. So that’s coming the end of May.”

Pippa went on to confess: “And then on Monday, something completely different unrelated to POCO or anything else, announcing and sharing something new – which I’m very excited about.”

“I think I’m nervous about that because I’ve given a lot of myself to this. So, yeah, it’s such a weird feeling I feel like I’m getting married in the morning or something.”

Picture: Brian Mcevoy

While the mother-of-two hasn’t spilled the beans just yet, we have a feeling she might be announcing her new channel, Pippa.tv, which will be hosted on her own website.

Back in November, Pippa told RSVP Live: “I have recorded three shows already. I recorded a photoshoot with POCO followers, I’ve done a behind the scenes of my fashion factories and I’m doing a business and beauty series at the moment.”

At the time, Pippa said she felt like there was a gap in the market for Pippa.tv, as “no one else has done anything like it”.