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Pippa O’Connor on reading ‘incorrect’ things about her online: ‘People should be more careful’

The model mum has had enough of trolls on social media


Pippa O’Connor appeared on The Late Late Show last night to talk about how social media has been “amazing” for her and her growing empire.

However, the model-turned-businesswoman also discussed the downfall of social media, and how trolls can get to you by posting “incorrect” things online.

“I have based everything I do on social media. It’s been amazing for me and I’m so grateful for it,” Pippa told Ryan Tubridy.

“When you see people using social media in the wrong way, when I see things written about people that are incorrect or downright horrible, I hate that, and it’s very hard to read it about yourself or people around you.

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“You couldn’t just print what you wanted in the paper – well, you could, but there’s an implication – but it seems like people feel like they can say what they want online.

“I feel they should be more careful with what they say,” she continued.

Although Pippa is thankful for her influence on social media as it’s helped grow her brand, she hates the term “influencer”.

The blonde beauty also revealed that she’s sold over 50,000 pairs of her POCO jeans over the past year and a half.

Pippa also admitted that she’s turned down shops wanting to stock her jeans range, in favour of her own pop up shops (in Dublin and Cork) and her online store.