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Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding lose case against BBC

The former Ulster Rugby players accepted a high court ruling


Former Ulster Rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding have accepted a ruling in their case against BBC Northern Ireland.

The pair were arrested in 2016, accused of rape and sexual assault, and BBC NI reported their names before the arrests were made.

Jackson and Olding tried to sue the broadcaster for revealing their identities after they were fully acquitted last month.

Photo: Twitter Stuart Olding

However the pair have lost the case and agreed to make a contribution to the BBC’s costs.

Jackson also accepted another judgement against him in another related court action against freelance sports journalist Orla Bannon.

The players had argued that the BBC NI’s report had been a breach of privacy and that the BBC had not followed its guidelines on allowing sufficient time for a right of reply.

But the station argued that its reporting was factual and in the public interest, given the profile of the two players.

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A settlement was agreed on in high court today, where both players were ordered to pay £20,000 plus VAT to the BBC for their legal costs.

The BBC NI Head of News, Kathleen Carragher, said this has “vindicated our journalism”.

“We argued throughout this case that our reporting was responsible, accurate, in the public interest and observed the BBC guidelines,” she said.

“We are pleased that the players have accepted this outcome and have also agreed a contribution towards our legal costs.”

Following their very public trial last month, Ulster Rugby revoked the contracts of the two players.