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Maura Higgins ‘expected a lot of hate’ when she came out of the Love Island villa

The 28-year-old was surprised by the response she got


Maura Higgins has admitted that she “expected a lot of hate” when she came out of the Love Island villa.

The Longford native spoke to Baz Ashmawy this morning on Today FM, and opened up about her time on the popular ITV2 show.

She said: “To be honest I’m shocked, I honestly expected to be out of there in the first three days, I didn’t expect to last as long as I did. To get to the final, I never ever expected it. ”

“It’s just been insane, like to be honest, when I came out I was expecting a lot of hate because I am so opinionated and very blunt at times,” Maura confessed.

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When asked when she realised that “everything was all right”, Maura said: “So it was the night of the final, I didn’t get my phone back until the following night, but the night of the final we were kind of told a bit of gossip, and I mean I couldn’t believe it.”

“So I got told about Amy Schumer putting up a video supporting me and I nearly fell off the chair. I just couldn’t believe it to be honest, could not believe the response I got.”

The 28-year-old also spilled the beans on the lockdown process before entering the villa.

She said: “I got told on the 1st of May that I was going in. And then I flew out on the 26th, I was on lockdown for two weeks and two days.”


“You have no contact with the outside [world], your phone is taken off you, you’re with a chaperone, you’re in a hotel, there’s no internet, no TV. And you haven’t a clue who’s going into the villa. ”

“But then obviously when the show started I was still on lockdown, but I could watch the show every night with my chaperone, which was good because I could at least get to know everyone and see what’s happening.”

“Because if I went in there not knowing what was going on I would have been a bit lost.”