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Lucy Kennedy and Katie Hopkins get into HUGE fight on Living With Lucy tonight


Lucy Kennedy and Katie Hopkins butt heads on Living With Lucy tonight.

The TV3 star was criticised for having the controversial TV personality on her show, but after living with Katie for three days, Lucy said, “Living with Katie was not a pleasant experience, I don’t like her, it’s just TV.”

According to the Irish Mirror, Lucy and Katie come to blows in the episode that’s set to air tonight, and she branded Katie as an “absolute b****” for some of the outrageous statements she makes on social media.

Their disagreement happened over dinner, when Lucy called Katie out for describing people suffering from dementia as “bed blockers”.

“My dad is 81 and thank god he is healthy and safe. Lets just say, God forbid, dementia would kick in. You have recently said dementia patients are blocking beds [in hospitals],” she said.

“Can you understand why people like me would look at that tweet and say ‘What an absolute b****’.

“I just thought it was so cold and removed. If it were your mum or dad – can you bring things home to your own life? You’re very nasty the way you say things,” she told Katie.

The mother-of-three also slammed Katie for her comments on Syrian refugees, and Katie responded, “I’m not telling you to like my opinion, I’m not telling you to agree with my opinion – if you don’t want to hear it, don’t follow.”


Katie also insisted that if she was a man, she wouldn’t receive the same backlash.

“I think I say a lot of the things people say behind closed doors to each other in private but I just say them out loud,” Katie said.

When asked if some things should be left unsaid, Katie replied, “I don’t see that because that suggests to think some things is wrong. I think it’s the case that if men have strong opinions they’re considered bold or brave, forceful or forthright.”

“When women have strong opinions, they’re a bitch. Do you think that’s true? I don’t think I give offence, people just take it and you just need to be a bit stronger. I’m not sensitive about your feelings, no, that’s true.”

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