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Louise McSharry SLAMS Cheryl Fernandez Versini for 'body-shaming'


Louise McSharry has slammed Cherly Fernandez-Versini for ‘body-shaming’.

It comes after the pint sized popstar did an interview with InStyle magazine about body image and the 2fm DJ was quick to hit back at the comments.

“@CherylOfficial. People tell fatsos that we’re fat all the time. Nice to know you don’t want us to get compliments,” she tweeted. 

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The 31-year-old presenter went on to express her anger and defend people who are over weight.

“I’m actually livid over this bulls**t. Fat people aren’t even allowed to be told that they look good? F**k off,” she said. 

The tweets come after Cheryl hit back at critics who have been commenting over her thin frame where she called it ‘crazy double standards’.


Body-Shaming: Cheryl has hit back at critics who called her thin

I’m sorry that people are giving Cheryl abuse over her body, but it’s not cool for her to turn around on others then.”

“Having lived her whole life as a thin beautiful woman body-shaming must have come as a shock to her but some of us live with it every day,” Louise added.