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Joanne McNally moving to London ‘for good’

The comedian is making the most of the opportunities being offered to her

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Joanne McNally has revealed that she is moving to London.

The Comedian announced that she was moving to the UK later this year, describing how being single and having no kids is allowing her to travel.

She told the Independent, “I’m doing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August so that’s the whole month of August I’ll be gone.”

Flying Last Class with Ryanair and me and my gin are delighted. We landed 30 mins ago & we’re still driving around the tarmac trying to find our parking spot. I hope we stop at an Apple Green soon Cos I’d LOVE a Lucozade. – _ _ _ _ #home #london #ireland #lastclass

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She went on to say, “I’m coming back here for September and then I am moving to London in October. I’m properly going for good.”

“I’m not married and I have no kids. I should be using my travel opportunities while I have them.”

The former Republic of telly presenter has been travelling between Ireland and the UK for the past several years but has now finally decided to settle in London for the time being.

“I’m gigging a lot over there and there’s a lot going on.”


The Dubliner revealed that “Comedy Central have been on about possibly doing shows with them and there just seems to be movement over there.”

“I love it. Dublin’s home but London is this new exciting place. Londoners have this reputation for being rude, but I find them friendly.”

“I’m always going around London with a suitcase and none of the Tube stations have lifts and people always help me with my case,” she finished.

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Joanne, who is from Killiney, began her career in comedy after working in PR for several years.

She worked on RTE’s Republic of Telly, before making documentaries with TV3 and developing scripts for BBC Three.