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Jennifer Zamparelli reveals she ‘fell on her hole’ while filming Dancing With The Stars

Thankfully the cameras didn't catch her fall


Jennifer Zamparelli has been doing an amazing job as the new host of RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars – but it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, the TV presenter admitted, “I fell on my hole one night in front of everybody but the cameras didn’t catch it.”

“Whatever happens, it’s a learning curve, you learn to deal with it. I feel I got the best training to do DWTS… live radio.”

Jennifer Zamparelli during the first live show of Dancing With The Stars | kobpix

The RTÉ star also admitted that she has to hold back on telling rude jokes on the show, as a younger audience tends to tune in.

Jen confessed, “There are moments when Julian cracks some lines and I go ‘oh Jesus’ there’s somewhere you could really go with that…’ But you have to bite your tongue and remember that there are children watching.”

“I’ve noticed that even more because its five or six year-olds that are coming up to me saying ‘hey you’re on that show!’ It strikes me how young the audience is, so you think, that’s your audience.”

Picture: Kinlan Photography.

However, the 38-year-old has insisted that she still has plenty of input when it comes to her script.

She said, “Sometimes if I fluff a line on the show, then I’ll say ‘I’m not here to be perfect, I am here to make entertainment,’ so it’s trying to add a bit of personality and make it sound like me. I always want to add a bit of me.”

As previously reported, Jen was up against a number of well-known faces when auditioning for DWTS – including Vogue Williams.

Speaking about beating Vogue in the audition process, Jen joked, “Listen, Vogue is a really successful reality show star and makes thousands, and she’s married to Spencer Matthews. I’d be happy with that. Does she (Vogue) want to give up her Sundays and swap?”