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Ireland’s favourite Irish celebrity smile has been revealed

She's funny.. and she's got a great smile!


Irish actress and fashionista Amy Huberman is Ireland’s favourite Irish celebrity smile, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted on 150 Irish women on behalf of celebrity teeth whitening and clip-in veneers clinic Teeth Whitening Fairies, showed that Amy has the best gnashers out of a number of Irish stars.

We all want the perfect smile, and it seems every online influencer and celebrity are going to great lengths to achieve the megawatt Hollywood smile by seeking permanent veneers, clip-in veneers, teeth whitening and other extreme cosmetic dentistry procedures.

With her girl-next-door looks, it’s easy to see why most women look to Amy when they are thinking of getting cosmetic dentistry done.


For those looking for a million dollar smile on a minimum budget, the clip-in veneers offered at Teeth Whitening Fairies are a cost effective and painless solution for a special occasion, wedding or big night out.

When compared to expensive permanent veneers, which can cost up to 17k for ten teeth and need to be renewed after about ten years, these clip-ins are a great alternative for beauty junkies.

Aisling Burke, who runs Teeth Whitening Fairies clinic says, “It’s no surprise to see Amy Huberman has topped our poll of Ireland’s favourite celebrity smiles. Amy has great teeth and beautiful lips.”

“We get a lot of people coming into the clinic for clip-in veneers and they often mention her name. The clip-in veneers are wafer thin and they glide over the person’s actual teeth, but they are basically a better, airbrushed version of their original teeth.”

“We don’t want them to look fake so there are three shades of white to chose from. It takes two weeks for the veneers to come back from the lab. They are superb quality, durable and you can even eat certain foods and enjoy a drink with them in, so they are not inhibiting.”

The poll showed that other Irish celebs such as Vogue Williams and Una Healy ranked highly when it comes to having a coveted smile.

Ireland’s Top 10 favourite smiles are as follows:

Actress Amy Huberman
Presenter Vogue Williams
Singer Una Healy
Social Media star Doireann Garrihy
Blogger Pippa O’Connor
Presenter Laura Whitmore
Presenter Lucy Kennedy
Model Thalia Heffernan
Blogger Suzanne Jackson
Sportswoman Anna Geary

Anna Geary and Kai Widdrington | Brian McEvoy

The clip in veneers are being likened to “the dental version of hair extensions”, a perfect quick, painless and wallet friendly solution to imperfect teeth.

The perfect smile is now easily achievable in the hands of the Teeth Whitening Fairies. Each set costs 300 euro for the top arch and 500 euro for both top and bottom arches.

The Teeth Whitening Fairies clinic also offer a teeth whitening service using an organic gel suitable for sensitive teeth. Results show teeth whiten up to 12 shades per session and priced at only €40 for an amazing result in just one hour.

The Teeth Whitening Fairies use laser to whiten the teeth and use an organic gel which is a safe formula that protects teeth and is suitable even for weak teeth.

To book an appointment at the clinic, visit teethwhiteningfairies.ie, or call 087 992 0559.