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Ireland and Australia have made a GAS Eurovision treaty

This is a game changer from FM104's Strawberry Alarm Clock!

Picture Andres Poveda

As an island, Ireland always gets shafted when it comes to Eurovision voting as countries vote for their closest neighbours. Alas, this year may be different as FM104’s Jim Jim and Nobby have given us a fighting chance by organising a pact with Australia!

The Strawberry Alarm Clock presenters cut a deal with 1.5million people in Sydney!

They went on the Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show on Kiis 1065 to announce the Ireland/Australian Treaty for the Eurovision.

The historic agreement has been tweeted in the following videos. Truly a momentous day for our two natinos.

In a strange turn of events the Australian foreign minister got involved!

He aided the presenters making the treaty.

Not content with helping to make the treaty he went a step further and agreed to help implement it, so it now has some government backing!

‘You’re going to have to make sure we win this’ @juliebishopmp pic.twitter.com/3fLQU8DCIK

— Kyle and Jackie O (@kyleandjackieo) May 10, 2018

If the people of Ireland vote for Australia, they’ll return the favour so let’s get this thing won!