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Hugh Jackman just did the sweetest thing for a young Irish girl

Could he be any nicer?!


Hugh Jackman has made a young Irish girl’s dream come true, after her mother posted a video of her singing on Twitter.

Emma Cooney, 7, is a huge fan of The Greatest Showman star, but was left disappointed when she missed out on nabbing tickets to his 3Arena gigs in May.

So in an attempt to cheer her up, her mother Jacqueline posted a video of Emma singing A Million Dreams to try and attract Hugh’s attention.

She wrote, “Ok Twitterverse, I need your help – my little girl is #obsessed with #thegreatestshowman and @RealHughJackman but silly me didn’t realise this in time to get tickets to his show in #dublin 🙈 – so she sang this for him instead! Please help me get it to him & make my girl happy!❤️”

Jacqueline posted the video last Monday, but it failed to get a response until actor Liev Schreiber, who is one of Hugh’s oldest friends, retweeted the video.

Jacqueline told RTÉ Entertainment, “Hugh Jackman only follows about 14 people on Twitter so I thought if I tagged one of the people he follows he might see it.”

“Liev Schreiber retweeted the video and so did a guy called Gus Worland who’s a DJ in Sydney who went to school with Hugh so I think that’s how Hugh saw my tweet.”

After this, Hugh directly responded to Jacqueline and Emma by posting a sweet video online.

In the video, Hugh gushed, “I just want to say your little girl, thank you so much for singing that song. Thanks so much for being a fan. And never stop dreaming. Remember, life is what you choose to make it so make it fantastic!”

Emma’s mum said, “I was pretty freaked out when I saw it yesterday afternoon. I was looking at something else and then it came up, ‘Hugh Jackman mentioned you on Twitter'”.

“I was expecting maybe a text or something but a video and what he said was so lovely and so genuine.”