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FIRST LOOK: Katy is forced to decide between Emmet and Ciaran in Fair City tonight


After last week’s violent episode, the drama is set to continue as Katy will be faced with a difficult decision on tonight’s episode of Fair City.

She has been held captive for over a year, but in Sunday night’s episode – she must decide whether to save her brother Emmet or stay loyal to Ciaran, the man she has become entirely dependent on over the last 12 months.

Tonight, Katy unsettles Emmet as she refuses to take his side, meanwhile Ciaran lies to Katy reassuring her he won’t hurt Emmet and that they are still going ahead with the plan as agreed.

Emmet meanwhile manages to get his arms free from his ties and readies himself to attack Ciaran. However when Ciaran threatens him with a knife, Emmet distracts him by telling him he can help him find Tessa but needs his laptop to find information that might help them with their search. Ciaran is reluctant at first but eventually Emmet talks him round and he agrees to go and get the laptop.

Prisoner: Katy’s forced to make a tough decision in tonight’s episode – leaving Ciaran with a bloody wound | RTE

As soon as Ciaran leaves, Emmet eventually frees himself and goes to Katy urging her to leave with him. Katy refuses and insists they can’t leave and that Ciaran will keep his promise. Worried that Emmet will ruin the plan she locks him in the sitting room.

Elsewhere, Ciaran enters the O’Brien’s house. He is nearly caught when Rose spots him in the window but leaves without being caught.

Back at the apartment Emmet pleads with Katy through the door to make her believe that Ciaran won’t fulfil his promise. After some time, Katy eventually agrees to free Emmet but just as they as ready to leave, Ciaran returns.

Realising what’s happening Ciaran loses it and goes for Emmet. Katy begs him to stop but Ciaran refuses to listen and is intent on choking Emmet to death. Ciaran takes out a knife but in the struggle, he drops the knife.

Terrified that Ciaran will kill Emmet, Katy must decide whether to save her brother or believe that Ciaran will keep his promise… with no other option Katy picks up the knife and stabs Ciaran.