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FIRST LOOK: Emmet comes face-to-face with Katy’s captor on Fair City tonight

Fair City Eps 80 TX: - Sunday, 14th May 2017 Emmet is shocked to discover that Ciaran is Katy's captor L-R Ciaran - Johnny Ward Emmet - Daithi MacSuibhne

Things take a turn for the worst for Emmet in Fair City tonight as he finds himself in grave danger at the hands of Ciaran.

Emmet’s sister Katy O’Brien has been held in captivity for the last 12 months, making her kidnapping one of the longest storylines in Fair City’s history – but it looks like the storyline is finally coming to an end.

In tonight’s episode, after days of torment Emmet finally comes face-to-face with his sister’s captor, and agrees to trade his life for Katy’s.

In return Ciaran agrees to let Katy phone Emmet to prove she is in fact alive. However things don’t go to plan and Ciaran is thrown when Rose answers the phone instead of Emmet.

On the other end, Emmet is furious when Rose ruins his chances to finally speak to Katy. Later at the workshop, Ciaran clears all traces of Katy from her room, but as he works he leaves the shelving back slightly exposing the door to her room.

A panicked Emmet arrives to ask Ciaran for advice after what has happened with the captor. Ciaran is shocked when Emmet turns up but manages to get him to leave, before he noticed the open door, by promising to meet him later on to discuss everything.

When Emmet has left, Ciaran hurries to the door to close it over. As he does so, Emmet arrives back having forgotten his phone. He takes in what Ciaran is doing and is completely shocked when he sees the hidden door behind the shelving unit.

Emmet is horrified as he eventually pieces it together and realises that Ciaran has been Katy’s captor all along.

The storyline is finally set to come to an end after fans created an online petition in order to convince Fair City writers to free Katy, and over 7,500 people signed the petition.

The national broadcaster previously said in a statement, “To have hastened this story would not have done justice to the ramifications of such an act upon everyone it touches.”

Fair City airs Sunday night, 8pm on RTE One.