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Fiona O’Carroll admits fears her dad Brendan O’Carroll will ‘burn out’

The actress stars in Mrs. Brown's Boys with many other family members


Fiona O’Carroll has admitted fears that she doesn’t want her dad Brendan O’Carroll to burn out because of his career demands.

The Mrs. Brown’s Boys actress stars on the hit RTE-BBC show with her father and other family members which didn’t had a new series in 2016 but they did film two Christmas specials.

“We don’t want him burnt out, so he took some time off, played lots of golf and took a big, long break,” she said.

The world premiere of Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie at The Savoy

Break: Fiona admitted she was worried her father Brendan would burn out | VIPIRELAND.COM

Fiona revealed that she was delighted Brendan took some time off because he needed the break.

“He’s getting on a bit and, as a family, we decided now is the time he needs to take a break and enjoy his success,” she told the Herald.

“I was really delighted that he took some time out this year because we all knew that he needed it.

“He’s our dad, at the end of the day and we don’t want him working to the point where he made himself sick.”

'Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie' films on Moore Street

Movie blues: The actress insisted that the Mrs. Brown’s sequel isn’t on hold because of finances | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Dubliner also talked about why filming the sequel to their movie Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie – and insisted it’s not because of money.

“It’s not about the money – that has never been a big factor for dad.

“He needs a decent budget and, if he can’t make a movie that he feels is going to be good enough for the audience, then he won’t do it.

“The next year is so chock-a-block that I can’t see it happening then. It will get made at some stage, maybe in 2018.”