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EXCLUSIVE! Zacc Milne reveals how we can learn to dance like him and if he’s SINGLE?!

We'll be desperately trying to replicate his routine on the dance floor tonight!

Photo: kobpix

Zacc Milne has BLOWN US AWAY on Ireland’s Got Talent!

The Finglas native made it into the finals of the first year of the competition via the judges wildcard but looked world class on stage.

Already making a successful career out his talent for dancing he revealed where we can find him and how we can learn to dance like him (we can only dream)!

Photo: kobpix

His goal tonight was to have fun and of his performance he said he was “living his fantasy” and that “it was lit!”

Is the soon-to-be superstar single we hear you ask?! He says “very!” But slide in his Insta DMs because his Twitter account is “lowkey” and you’ll have to creep hard to find him there.

He wore a Zara tracksuit for his show stopping performance, which Barbara and the TV3 costume team bedazzled for him.

Photo: kobpix/NO FEE

As for his future, he’s full of hope, “I feel like anything is possible for me right now!” We concur.

If you want to dance like him, get down to Fly Dance Studio in Glasnevin, where Zacc teaches every Thursday.

But for us beginners… “Monday 6 to 7PM. Jose my good friend teaches it. I promise, you’re going to live your best life!”

Watch the full interview here.