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EXCLUSIVE! Paddy Smyth sets his sights on radio

He wants to bring his disability focused activism to the airwaves.

Paddy Smyth

Paddy Smyth exclusively told Goss.ie that he is looking to take to the airwaves with his own radio show.

Having already done a lot of great activism for disabled people he believes a radio show that brings disability into the mainstream media is his next calling.

He’s recently signed to First Options and says he has a “few things up my sleeve.”

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Delving into his interest in pursuing radio, he states that he wants to present a talk show that deals with issues disabled people face while examining and challenging the way society views people with disabilities.

He said, “I’d like to do a kind of trend of disability looks into the 21st century living in Ireland. So kind of like a talk show on language we use, the people who are disabled, our children, how do they feel about themselves? How do people look at them in schools? So kind of like a chat show all around that.”

Watch the full interview here.