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EXCLUSIVE! Marissa Carter is launching 130 NEW PRODUCTS starting NEXT WEEK

The new Cocoa Brown products will all be released between now and August.


Marissa Carter won Best Dressed for her pastel princess gown at the Gossies and the beauty business boss spilled some BIG Cocoa Brown news when we caught up with her on the red carpet!

The tan mogul discussed her absence from social media before imparting some solid career advice for people looking to follow her path.

“I’m not divorcing social media, I’m just taking a little break.”

“I find I’m a lot more productive in work.”

“I’m switching off quicker and much more easily when I get home at night because I’m not thinking about social media in any capacity.”

“That said I miss the social aspect of it. I miss seeing what my friends are up to.”

“I do miss it but I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

She went on to share some tips for success for anyone starting their own beauty business and gave great advice.

“Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Think of ‘What’s new?’, ‘What’s next?’ and how are you going to get their first?”

“Don’t copy what you see! Do something different.”

“It’s supposed to be hard so don’t get disheartened when… things start getting hard.”

“It’s really important to remember everyone struggles!”

“Have two or three people around you who can, you know, talk to … and get them to make you start believing in yourself again.”

No wonder Marissa has been off on social media as she revealed exclusively to Goss.ie her HUGE plans for Cocoa Brown this year!

We don’t know how she even has time to sleep with the amount of product she’s launching over the next six months!

“You’re going to think I might be telling a little fib but we’re actually launching over 130 new products between now and … the end of August.”

The entrepreneur revealed that the first products should be dropping around the end of next week but when asked if all the products would be skincare and tan, which she currently specialises in, she said ‘I can’t tell you!’

We’re on the edge of our seats for updates!

Marissa sponsored the Most Stylish Woman award at the Gossies. Check out some of the biggest stars who stepped out on the night here.

Watch the full interview here.