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EXCLUSIVE! Gavin Duffy talks presidential election and how he’s dealing with negativity online

The former Dragon's Den star reveals why young people should vote for him


Gavin Duffy has revealed how he is dealing with online negativity, since announcing his bid to run for President of Ireland.

The former Dragon’s Den star spoke exclusively to Goss.ie, and revealed that most of the response so far has been positive.

Speaking about negativity online, Gavin, who announced his bid to enter the presidential race on his Twitter, said he doesn’t take any hate personally.

“You don’t ignore it,” he said of harsh online comments. (Watch full clip below)

Comparing the presidential race to a cage fight in the UFC, Gavin said he’s prepared for the worst.

“I’ve entered the collision of politics, we’re down in the arena and we’ll be battling for a while,” he told Goss.ie.

“Some people shout awful things, as we all do if we’re watching a game of football on telly or a UFC fight in a cage.

“I shouldn’t be comparing politics to that but it’s not dissimilar,” he explained.

Speaking about why young people should vote for him, Gavin explained a new plan for a “youth core” that would see younger generations take “gap years” where they work on specific projects around the world.

“You’d do approximately nine months abroad, two months of that is travelling and you’d have just over 7 months of doing work…where you could be building a school…or building an orphanage.”

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