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EXCLUSIVE! Eva Birthistle reveals how she gives an ‘authentic performance’

The Brooklyn and Walking Dead actress told us all about her new movie with Cillian Murphy.

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Eva Birthistle chatted to Goss.ie at the world premiere of The Delinquent Season which closed the Audi Dublin International Film Festival this week.

The Bray native expressed her delight at getting to return from London to film in her homeland, even if it was just for a tight 15-day shoot schedule.

“I love working in Dublin! It’s been a few years actually and I’m always sort of looking for a reason to come back either just to see friends or family but when it’ work I get to do both. So yeah, it was fab!”

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The new movie deals with two middle-class Dublin couples who become intertwined as a tale of emotional abuse and infidelity play out and the actress discussed whether it was difficult to play such a ‘normal’ character worlds apart from her roles in A Dark Song and the Walking Dead.

“I think what’s great about the script is that it’s dealing with issues we’ve all had to deal with. They’re all things that people will relate to. So from an actor’s point of view you have a lot to draw on from that because these are real people.”

“It’s to do with relationships, be it infidelity or trust between friends. Whatever aspect of it, it’s something we’ve all had to encounter at some point in our lives. So we know it, we’ve experienced it, it feels real to us. When you have that as an actor you know you can draw on that immediately and hopefully then gives a very authentic performance.”

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She starred closely alongside her good friend, Sherlock’s Andrew Scott, but doesn’t find it difficult to work with actors she knows personally.

“I love it because there’s an ease to it, there’s a rhythm that happens really quickly so you kind of hit the ground running with it.”

“You know how they are on set. It works. It’s great. I love it.”

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As for who she thinks will enjoy The Delinquent Season the most she said, “Oh that’s a really interesting question actually… It might be a bit too uncomfortable for some people and then I think a lot of people will be really interested and really relate to it and will like it but I think it should appeal to men and women an quite a large age bracket. So, we’ll see. It’ll be interesting.”

The Delinquent Season is in cinemas across Ireland from the 27th of April.

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