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EXCLUSIVE! B*witched hadn’t been in the same room in TEN YEARS before they reunited in 2013

The band split in 2002 before reuniting on The Big Reunion in 2013


Our favourite 90s girlband B*witched have revealed that they hadn’t been in the same room in ten years before they reunited in 2013.

The C’est La Vie singers reunited on The Big Reunion in 2013 after splitting in 2002, and now they’re set to make a huge comeback to Ireland by performing at Electric Picnic this year.

Although bandmates Edele Lynch, Keavy Lynch, Lindsay Armaou, and Sinead O’Carroll are now thick as thieves, they’ve hit some bumps along the road.

Speaking about life before they reunited in 2013, Keavy told Goss.ie, “As a group, we weren’t in contact.”

She went on to explain, “But, myself and Edele are obviously sisters, and myself and Lindsay have always stayed friends because we lived near each other. But as a group, I didn’t speak to Sinead much.

“As a group we hadn’t been together for about ten years,” Keavy said, before Edele exclaimed, “In the same room!”

“We were the eejits that turned up on camera without seeing each other, all the other bands had actually met up before, I was like, ‘oh, no one told us!'” Edele explained.

Then Lindsay interjected, saying, “It was authentic, what you saw on camera was real!” before Edele added, “Well, the edit might not have been real, but the tension was a little bit…”

Now that they’re back on good terms, B*witched have been announced as the headlining act at Electric Ireland’s Throwback Stage at Electric Picnic this year.

Speaking about their gig, Edele gushed, “It’s just so brilliant to come back and play. I’ve been trying to get to Electric Picnic forever but it never seems to work with the kids’ schedule.”

“It’s such an honour to headline the Throwback Stage, it’s so exciting!” Keavy said.

It’s been 20 years since the band topped the charts with their famous C’est La Vie track, and it’s clear that the song is still as popular as ever.

“Twenty years on and people still go crazy when the song comes on and we’re on stage,” said Lindsay.

C’est La Vie may be one of the band’s most-loved songs, but the musicians have been back making music since 2014.

Keavy told us what it was like to get back together as a band after 12 years apart, “When we actually got in a studio and started rehearsing and writing songs and all, that’s when we were like ‘Oh, we are meant to do this again!’ It’s when we feel right together.”

“We’ve grown up, we’ve had all this life experience, what kind of music do we want to put out there? So, that was tricky, but you can’t really take the ‘pop’ out of us so there was always going to be that ‘pop’ element, but maybe just a little bit more mature,” Lindsay said.

Things have changed since the band were together in the 90s, and Sinéad has found that “there’s less pressure” this time around.

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Another huge difference since the 90’s has been the use of social media, and Keavy explained how it’s changed their experience, “Social media wasn’t around then, so in some ways your actually more busy because you’ve got all these platforms to stay in touch with everyone. But, at the same time, you actually get out to people in an instant, wherever they are.”

“All the pictures and videos used to be policed and now they all go up there. So, you watch all these pictures going, ‘Why would you post that of me?'” laughed Edele.

Watch our interview with B*witched below:

B*Witched will be hitting Electric Ireland’s Throwback stage on Saturday 1st September at Electric Picnic.

The stage has been host to incredible acts in the past, and there are many more artists to be added to this year’s lineup.

If you haven’t secured a ticket for the festival yet, you can be in with a chance of winning two weekend tickets by simply sharing a screenshot of C’est La Vie streaming on Spotify along with #ThrowbackStage and make sure to tag @ElectricIreland on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.