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EXCLUSIVE! Bernard O’Shea speaks about return to 2FM ahead of launch of new show with Marty Morrissey

The pair had a lot of laughs during their show

Pic: Robbie Reynolds

Bernard O’Shea spoke about his return to RTÉ 2FM ahead of the launch of his new show with Marty Morrissey, Marty and Bernard’s Big Adventure.

The radio presenter is currently taking a break from his breakfast slot after welcoming his third child with wife, Lorna.

The station saw some huge changes during his absence, as Jennifer Zamparelli is set leave Breakfast Republic to take over Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene’s 10AM slot.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie about his return to work following the huge changes, Bernard told us: “I’m returning soon. They gave me a bit of time off because we’ve had a third child and we didn’t know, it’s like going from owning a pet shop to being a jungle.”

Pic: Robbie Reynolds

“So it was a bit mental and I just had to take some time off. So Keith and Lottie and Dan gave me a bit of time off.”

The father-of-three also mentioned former co-host, Jennifer’s new show and joked that he hopes to join her on it: “Jennifer is starting a new show at ten, so I presume I’ll be getting a call off her to do that as well. So I’ll have options.”

Bernard is also preparing for the launch of his new show with Marty, as the pair embarked on some unusual adventures.

“So basically we were told very little and all of a sudden we were told to show up at a certain time. They said to us, the first episode, Modern Men and they went ‘we’re going to bring you on this journey.'”

Pic: Robbie Reynolds

“We were very much brought along, we didn’t know an awful lot of things. The second one, Survival was the same. Except that went a bit crazy because we didn’t realise we were in training and then we had to put it into use and we had no idea what we were doing.”

Marty added that the two episodes are very different: “They’re very different, very different shows. Our friendship really, I suppose got together during the Dancing with the Stars last year. While we’re colleagues and everything, it was the fact that we were so much together for three or four months.”

“They then decided to put us together in a show and we’re surprised that we’re here, but we are here. It was a great opportunity and it was great fun. The two are very different, one is Modern Men. Can the two of us become ‘modern men’? I don’t think so. Can we survive in the wild? I don’t think so. But we had good fun trying to do both.”

It looks like the pair’s friendship blossomed during filming and Bernard admitted that there were a lot of things they didn’t know about each other before the show.


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Quick clarification that’s not a crane growing out of @morrissey_marty head that’s just fashion #bernardandmartysbigadventure

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“We’ve got the hots for Marty, so much more stronger than I ever had,” he laughed.

“It’s good yeah, because I suppose the benefit of it as well is that we’re able to go make this programme and have a laugh, go back to our lives and then hopefully come back to it again.”

“It’s an odd one, albeit we were friends, we didn’t know that much about each other. I didn’t now Marty had studied medicine, I didn’t know he played football for Clare minors. I didn’t know he was an ambassador for Calvin Klein!”

“I didn’t even know that one myself!” Marty joked.

Pic: Robbie Reynolds

“So there were a few things, It was good. We laughed a lot, even in times where it was scary – in terms of ‘oh my god, could one of us die here?’ We were still laughing along,” Bernard added.

Speaking of what the show is about, Marty said: “It’s really a journey about friendship and two lads – two Irish lads – having a bit of fun, but trying to do something a bit different as well.”

“Certainly abseiling down near the Cliffs of Moher I won’t forget, because that was scary. And your man saying ‘are you alright?’ and I’m hanging off a cliff like… that was encouraging.”

As for their favourite memories from the programme, the pair discovered all about abseiling in the most terrifying way.


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Oh No !!! It’s Countdown time to our Big Adventure hitting the TV Screen !! It’s next Sunday night on RTÉ 1 @9.30pm. We had great fun doing it but I sincerely hope you will watch it…enjoy it and that at least it will bring a smile to your face on a Sunday night when you are chilling out !! Thank you for your support.

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“My favourite bit was, there’s a rope when you abseil and we were down in the sea and I said to this really good guy from Kildare ‘you better pull him back up.’ He went ‘what do you mean pull him back up’. I said ‘use the rope to pull him back up’ and he goes ‘Oh no that just drops you, it stops you from dying, you have to climb back up,” Bernard revealed.

Marty seemed to find the funny side of it now, but admitted that it was a scary experience: “That was a bit scary. We didn’t read the small print in anything we’ve done.”

The pair would love to work together on radio in the future and said they wouldn’t rule out doing a show together: “Bernard and Marty go wild into music or something. You never know.”


“Let’s see how this goes first, take it one day at a time,” Marty added, before the Bridget and Eamon star suggested a name for their programme.

Bernard and Marty’s Summer Bromance,” he said.

Check out their full interview below: