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Eoghan McDermott reveals a stranger’s HUGE act of kindness after he suffered a head injury

The radio presenter wants to pay the good deed forward


Eoghan McDermott has admitted that his “faith in humanity was restored” this weekend when a complete stranger helped him after he injured his head.

The radio presenter was on a trip to Washington DC for a wedding, but unfortunately, his Uber driver opened the “boot” and “slammed” it into his head.

He recalled the whole incident on his Twitter, he wrote : “Starts pumping blood, dripping on the floor type stuff. I get dizzy & sit down on ground. Driver in bit of a panic.”

“The lady in the car behind hops out & shouts at him to get some ice & call for assistance. He runs off. She asks me if I’m insured & should we call for ambulance.”

The Irish presenter realised his “policy expired few weeks ago” and “She then reveals that she’s a doctor & says it will cost thousands of dollars to call ambulance. So, she puts me in her car&drives me to her own house!”

He continued to explain how the caring stranger gave him “food n drink” and even told him to contact her if he felt unwell, before she ordered him a taxi.

Eoghan revealed that it would have cost “anywhere up to $10,000” and realised how scary it must be for people in America who don’t “have the means to pay.”

Following the act of kindness, the 35-year-old ensured that he would ‘pay it forward’ and is “figuring out the best way to do that.”