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Copper Face Jacks THE MUSICAL is coming

We're hoping our antics there don't feature.


Copper Face Jacks, the iconic Dublin venue, is having a musical made about it!

Paul Howard, author of the Ross O’Carroll Kelly novels, is writing what is sure to be a sell-out show.

His previous work has proven his ability to dissect Irish culture with excruciatingly hilarious results so we’re extremely excited for this.

He shared the news on the Ray D’Arcy Show, presented by Brenda Donohue.

He told her how people seem to love the place.

“Anybody I say Copper Face Jacks the musical too, they immediately brighten…people only have positive associations with Copper Face Jacks.”

We’re not sure about only positive associations but the Irish cultural institution is certainly worthy of a stage.

Tell your nurse and Garda friends.