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Conor McGregor’s team mate Cian Cowley speaks out on what it was like being in jail with the UFC star

The MMA star admitted that the bus attack they were apart of "wasn't planned"


Conor McGregor’s teammate Cian Cowley has opened up about the infamous bus attack which led the pair to getting arrested in New York.

The pair were both apart of an incident on a bus that targeted Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team.

Speaking months later about the incident, Cian has revealed what it was really like going to jail.

Speaking on podcast ‘No Shame’, Cian firstly admitted they never planned to attack the bus.


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“It all happened so quick like…it wasn’t planned or anything like that, we had no intentions of going and doing what happened it’s just the way it happened, what happened happened.

“Even after when we were in the hotel, we didn’t even think it had escalated to what it was.

“Then we were in the hotel and…someone got on, the management got on and said ‘right there’s a warrant out for Conor, the police want you’.

“But nothing had been said about me…I thought I was getting away scott free.

“Conor had gone then and been taken in by the police, there was no hiding, they knew what hotel we were in so they got him.”


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“Then I got the phone call then ‘there’s a warrant out for you they have your picture you can’t go the airport…your passport and all is tagged’.

Speaking about being in jail, Cian said it was a life-changing experience.

“It was an eye opener, we were in and out of cells,” he revealed.

“I remember Conor being led in in shackles, as if we’d been in for murder or something.”

Bizarrely Cian said he and Conor were being processed with other prisoners and that people quickly spotted that Conor had been arrested.

“We were in a queue with other people, anyone who had been arrested in the bronx area that day were there, and then they started realising who Conor was.

“There was a little bit of tension there with some of them,” he admitted.

Cian added that while in prison the pair spotted a TV screen which was on Fox News, and both of there faces were plastered across the TV.

While waiting to find out when they would get to go to court, Cian said the pair were in a cell together.

“We were bored out of our minds, we were doing push ups and pull ups and shadow boxing.

“We were going to be brought into holding cells with other people so we were preparing ourselves for that.

“There was a few of them that definitely wanted a pop off us,” he said.

Speaking about the UFC champion, Cian said he has so much respect for Conor both within the sport and in their personal lives.

“Let alone what he’s done for my life and for me as a person, what he’s done for Ireland.

“The fact that the two of us were together, that’s what got us through it.

“I couldn’t have a better person with me through the whole thing,” he added.

“You know who Conor is, he’d never leave a man behind, he made sure we were all looked after throughout the whole thing.

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Episode 50 : @cian_c on @noshamecast this week – deep talk about his fighting roots passed down by his father ,becoming the head honcho at warriors gym at 18 dominating the Irish Thai scene before making the move to MMA link in story/bio #podcast #noshame #warriors #mma #thaiboxing

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“That’s why I have so much of a respect and bond with Conor. I have him on such a pedestal.

“What he’s done for combat sports in Ireland, I respect him and owe him everything for that alone.”

“I’ll be with him 100% on everything, no matter what.”

“He never looks to me for thanks and I’m forever grateful.”

Listen to the full podcast HERE.