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Colin Farrell says filming Dumbo ‘didn’t feel like work’

The actor attended the premiere last night

Dumbo still

Colin Farrell has revealed that filming Dumbo “didn’t feel like work.”

The Irish actor stars in the Disney live-action remake as a former circus star, who befriends the misfit elephant.

Speaking to RTE Entertainment, Colin said, “Honestly, it didn’t feel like work. You’ve heard that before, and I’ve said that before, and I’ve meant that before, but never was that so true as on this film.”

“There was just this enormous crew of talented people in front of the camera, people behind the camera, and also all the circus performers that they amassed from all the four corners of the globe, from Mongolia to South Africa to Northern Africa to South America.”


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“You’d look in the corner and you’d see a contortionist, and over there would be people juggling and trapeze artists. And this was ‘going to the office’ every day, so it wasn’t exactly hard work!”

The 42-year-old also praised the film’s director, Tim Burton.

He said, “The worlds that he has created through the provocation of his imagination and how he has put those worlds on the canvas of cinema over the years, from Edward Scissorhands to Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and Beetlejuice you name it.”

“He always, as an audience member, lifts me up and takes me somewhere, so to be part of that kind of vision…”


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“He also has an understanding of the outsider and Dumbo’s the quintessential outsider,” he continued. Somebody who’s not accepted because of the way they look, who’s maligned and shunned.”

“So the message in this film, it’s beautiful to be part of because it’s one of inclusion, it’s one of not just accepting difference but celebrating difference, and that message never gets old,” he added.

Dumbo will be released in cinemas on 29th March 2019.