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Brian McFadden reveals the ONE member of Westlife he still talks to

He left the band in 2004


Brian McFadden has revealed that he’s only kept in touch with one member of Westlife.

The singer, who is currently starring in Dancing on Ice in the UK, left the popular boyband in 2004.

The band, which is made up of Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily, recently reunited to mark their 20th anniversary – but Brian wasn’t involved in their reunion plans.

It’s no secret that the bandmates aren’t particularly close to Brian anymore, but he does still talk to one of them.

Speaking on Heart radio, Brian confessed, “I speak to Nicky (Byrne) on Twitter.”

“They’re kind of like your other celebrity friends. Because if you follow each other on Twitter, we’re basically best friends now. So yeah I have the odd Twitter chat with Nicky but the rest of us haven’t [kept in touch],” he explained.

“There’s no bad blood, it’s not like I don’t like them or… well I don’t know if they don’t like me, they probably don’t like me.”

He added, “It’s just one of those things, it’s like you go to college with people, when you leave college you don’t stay hanging out for the rest of your life, you move on.”

Nicky Byrne at The Gossies 2018 | Brian McEvoy

“You know I’ve lived in Australia for seven years and we’ve lived in different countries, we have different friends and different lifestyles.”

While Westlife have insisted that Brian was never going to be a part of their reunion, Brian admitted, “My accountant really wanted me to do it. He was really encouraging me to try and get in there but no.”

He joked, “Look I left the band in 2004. It’s a long time ago. And we even look different now. You know even our beards don’t match anymore so it wouldn’t have worked.”

The 38-year-old also praised them for doing a “great job” performing at the National Television Awards, before adding, “I’m delighted for them.”