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Bressie launches a new mental health and wellbeing website


Bressie has launched a brand new website for mental health and wellbeing. 

The musician has become an advocate for promoting positive mental health and wants the site to be a place for those suffering to seek help.

“I want the site to be a resource for those of you looking to dive deep inwards, exploring aspects of soul, however that might resonate with you, as well looking outwards at the bigger picture, our society, the systems and environments we operate within,” he said.


A Lust For Life: The new site for mental health has launched

The Mullingar man has always been very vocal about his own battle with depression and how it effected his life.

“I spent almost 50% of my time on this Earth disguising, ignoring and waging war against my mind, which at times seemed hell bent on destroying every relationship, career and passion that I pursued,” he added. 

The 34-year-old wants to end the stigma surrounding mental illness in Ireland which held him back for so long.

Bressie at Easons O'Connell Street

Author: Bressie brought out his first book last month | VIPIRELAND.COM

“This stigma made it unexplainably difficult to seek the help and support that I no doubt needed and that would have allowed me to cope and manage my mental health illness. That stigma is slowly eroding and its vice grip clasp is loosening in society,” he explained. 

A Lust For Life replaces his original site My 1000 Hours and has professional people giving advice to readers.

We have a huge range of doctors, clinical psychologists, and people who truly know their stuff writing for us. We have real people telling their real stories.”

Checkout A Lust For Life for more information.