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Bono’s daughter Jordan Hewson lands on Forbes 30 Under 30 list

The rocker's daughter has been praised for her work as a social entrepreneur


Bono’s daughter Jordan Hewson has landed on Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list.

The 29-year-old was featured in the magazine’s Social Entrepreneurs list for Europe, thanks to her tech company Speakable.

In particular, Jordan was praised for her company’s flagship product, the ‘Action Button’ -an embeddable tool which empowers readers to impact the news by contacting reps., volunteering, donating to nonprofits, and signing petitions etc.

Forbes wrote, “Dublin-born Jordan Hewson is making it easier for words to inspire action. Her flagship product, an ‘action button,’ can be embedded in news sites discussing social issues, spurring readers to make donations, send emails, or sign petitions.”


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After the list was published online, Jordan wrote on Instagram, “Starting a business is like sprinting a fucking marathon, except if the marathon was also a labyrinth. And there were ghouls. And no David Bowie.”

“I have so much respect for anyone who has done it, tried it, failed, succeeded, or even abandoned. So thank you to @forbes for encouraging our work (and the efforts of younger people).”

She continued, “We’re a tiny team fighting for a mega mission; there are days it feels so much bigger than we are, and the truth is that it is. But I’m so happy that @actionbutton just passed 1 million actions being taken on world changing headlines.

“Here is to seeing Action Button in front of a billion people, to eliminate the friction between their inspiration and the impact inspiration can achieve.”