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Prince William opens up about losing Princess Diana at such a young age

He described the experience of losing a parent at a young age.

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Prince William has opened up about the pain of losing his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, at such a young age.

The Duke of Cambridge described the loss as “a pain like no other” while featuring in a BBC TV documentary about mental health.

William was 15 years of age in 1997 when his mother was killed in a car accident, and Prince Harry was aged just 12.

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The Duke explained that he felt he could relate to those struggling with a bereavement, having faced his loss early on.

“I think when you are bereaved at a very young age, any time really, but particularly at a young age, I can resonate closely to that, you feel pain like no other pain,” he said.

Opening up further about mental health awareness, he said: “We are nervous about our emotions, we’re a bit embarrassed sometimes.”

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“The British stiff upper lip thing – that’s great and we need to have that occasionally when times are really hard.”

“There has to be a moment for that. But otherwise we’ve got to relax a little bit and be able to talk about our emotions because we’re not robots.”

The BBC One documentary will air tomorrow, Sunday May 19th.

Prince Harry has previously discussed how much he misses his mother.