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Michael Jackson’s sister claims he committed ‘crimes against innocent children’ in resurfaced clip

LaToya Jackson slammed her brother back in 1993


Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya claimed that the singer committed ‘crimes against innocent children’ in a resurfaced clip from 1993.

Following the release of Leaving Neverland, which details past allegations of child sex abuse made against the late Michael Jackson – an old interview with the singer’s sister has been shared online.

The clip, which was broadcast by MTV back in 1993, shows LaToya speaking about Michael during a press conference, and accusing him of committing “crimes against small innocent children.”

She also claimed that Michael had paid children’s parents “very very large amounts” of money, and that her mother had shown her the “cheques”.

LaToya, who is now 62, said, “If I remain silent, then that means that I feel the guilt and the humiliation that these children are feeling, and I think it’s very wrong.”

“You stop and think for one second and you tell me, what 35-year-old man is going to take a little boy and stay with him for 30 days? And take another boy and stay with him for five days in a room and never leave the room?” she asked.

“How many of you out there are 35 years old? How many men are out there? How many would take little kids and do that? That are 9, 10, 11 years old? I love my brother but it’s wrong. I don’t want to see these kids hurt.”


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In the shocking clip, LaToya also alleged that her father, Joe Jackson, molested her when she was a child.

“This is my first time talking about it and I never, never wanted to speak about it, but I think it’s sad because I am a victim myself and I know what it feels like,” she said. “I’ve been hurt by it too. My father molested me sexually and I don’t like it, I don’t like the way it feels.”

“These kids are going to be scarred by this for the rest of their lives. I don’t want to see any more innocent small children being affected this way. I love Michael very dearly but I feel sorry for these children because they don’t have a life anymore. They don’t,” she added.

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At the time, LaToya was reportedly estranged from her family, and Michael was facing accusations of molesting 13-year-old Jordan Chandler.

The singer furiously denied the accusations, and the case was eventually settled out of court for over $20 million.

Years after that 1993 press conference, LaToya recanted her statements, and claimed that she was influenced by her then-husband Jack Gordon.