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EXCLUSIVE: Alison Canavan hopes for own radio show – after wowing on pop-up station


Model Alison Canavan has told how she is hoping for a career in radio – after a week of live presenting on the airwaves.

The Dubliner co-anchored a show on Upbeat FM – a pop-up radio station set up for Mental Health Awareness Week.

And Alison – who interviewed stars including Bressie, Larry Gogan and Emma Hannigan – thinks she and RTE co-star Shay Byrne need their own show.

She told Goss.ie: “It was an amazing week at upbeat with an incredible response. Myself and my co-host Shay Byrne from Rising Time on Radio 1 had great chemistry from day one and had a ball.

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New career: Alison wowed on Upbeat FM | BRIAN MCEVOY


“Having never met we sat down Monday and off we went with our live show. It was challenging and extremely rewarding.

“I definitely want a career in radio. I have done radio previously but the 15 hours of radio this week has been amazing. The Shay and Ali show would be a hit, I’m sure of it!”

During their time on Upbeat FM, the pair managed to even make headlines – after getting Bressie to admit to his fear that a seal would have sex with him.


Big names: Bressie was one of the stars who chatted to Alison

And Liz Sweeney – who was in RTE for 26 years before coming out of retirement to produce their show – told Goss.ie she thinks there could be a market for the show.

“I was a little apprehensive about working with a novice but I was completely bowled over to her professionalism,” she said.

“Alison was a little reticent on Monday but by Friday, she was stealing Shay’s lines! I look forward to hearing the Shay and Ali show very soon!”