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EXCLUSIVE: X Factor star Melanie McCabe taking on the charts with new club track

Melanie McCabe is moving to US after giving up X Factor dream

Former X Factor sensation Melanie McCabe is set to take on the Irish charts – as she debuts on new club track Day by Day.

The Dublin singer – who is known for taking on the ITV show four times – appears on Lillies Bordello DJ Tommy Stewart’s new single.

Goss.ie can reveal that the 21-year-old is adding vocals to Day by Day alongside fellow singer Donna Bissett.

The TV star will be launching the track – which she describes as “house music kind of a song” –¬†at a special invite-only event in Dublin club Lillies on Friday night.


Audition: Melanie on stage at last year’s X Factor

A source said: “This is a big deal for Melanie – it’s her first proper single, and with her name behind it, you can expect this to be huge.”

It comes as Melanie is looking to leave Ireland for the bright lights of America – so she can put the reminder of her X Factor past behind her.

She first appeared on the X Factor aged 14, before coming back in 2010 for the next three years – but she never got beyond judges houses.

But as Goss.ie previously reported, Melanie is hoping that a change of location will give her career a much needed boost.


She said: “The fact that nobody knows me over there is a bonus. Over here, everyone knows who I am from X Factor and I want to pull away from that.

“I plan to start a whole new chapter in my life and not, ‘Oh, that’s the girl off X Factor’. I want to be known for something else.

“The fact that I didn’t get through so many times, everyone goes, ‘Oh you’re that girl that got kicked off X Factor’.

“If I had got to the live shows, it might have been different. It’s the fact that I didn’t, on so many occasions, I feel there’s that negativity attached to me in some way.”