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Meet the dogs who stole the show at a U2 photo shoot – by total ACCIDENT


A Dubliner has told how she got the shock of her life – when her dogs took part in U2’s new photoshoot.

The Irish rockers were on location at the back of the Guinness distillery taking pictures for a Rolling Stone cover.

And Anne Williams got the shock of her life when she bumped into the band – while taking boxer pooches – mother and son Holly and Rebel – for their usual walk.


Doggy shoot: Bono and The Edge with Anne’s dogs

She said: “It was Monday evening and I was taking the dogs for a walk. We usually take the same route around the back of Guinness and we turned the corner and the four lads were just standing there.

“I was surprised, they had dark glasses on them, but I could see Bono looking over, he was looking at my dogs.

“I was just looking for a photograph, they were in the middle of a photo shoot. Bono stopped the shoot for a minute and shouted over to me ‘Excuse me, is it okay if you hang on there for a second?’ It was brilliant.

And Anne – who couldn’t believe what was happening – then handed the leash over to the stars.


Shocked: Anne never expected the new walkers

“It literally all happened by accident, before I knew it the dogs were being walked by Bono and The Edge,” she told Today FM.

“I couldn’t believe it! They were so lovely, and so down to earth. I even got a hug and a kiss!”.